SAVN [ˈsɑwˀn], is a collective body of work composed of three individual pieces. It explores, in retrospect, the loss of what I considered fragments of my identity, the fragments considered are love, marriage and a nuclear family dynamic. In depth, it attempts to unveil the mourning, the process and the aftermath of an intangible loss. 


Tab [ˈtæˀb], is an effort to create a physical representation of the identity lost. In the past, death masks have been made as a memento in remembrance of someone that has passed. 


Far [ˈfɑː] is an attempt of self-reflection through a distressing time in my life. 


Sorg [ˈsɒˀw] is an attempt to represent the cycle of mourning. 


This project was made from a longing for closure and became a cathartic experience.

© 2020 By Emma MADSEN